Where it all began


2015-       University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, „Sound & Music Production“

2011-2014                Athenée de Luxembourg, department of music (F)

2007-2011                Lycée Michel Rodange Luxembourg

2001-2007                Primary school Mamer Luxembourg

Music formation                                                                                                                              

2000-2015 School of music ‚école de musique de l’union Grand Duc Adolphe‘ (UGDA):

– Initiation in music (Anne-Marie Emmel-Mauer)

– Basic musical education (René Brinck, Josy Godart)

– Saxophone Alto (Frédéric Hormain, David Reiland, Virginie Rase)

– Bass guitar (Laurent Peckels)

– Electric guitar (Mathias Börgmann)

2011-2015 Conservatory of music Luxembourg:

– Harmony (Romain Becker)

– Jazz theory (David Laborier)

– Jazz saxophone (Roby Glod)

– Jazz combo (David Laborier)

– Jazz electric bass guitar (Romain Heck)

– Electroacoustic music (Claude Lenners)

– Piano (Pierre Alzin)

– Jazz analyse (David Laborier)

– Jazz harmony (David Laborier)

– Jazz history (Guy Cabay)

Musical experiences                                                                                                                     

2009-2011 Seed to tree, bass guitar, ‚Folk-Rock‘ group


2011-2013 Taste of Liberty, electric guitar, ‚Punk‘ group


2013-2014 Sunset Over The Ocean, electric/acoustic guitar, lyrics, ‚Alternative,Acoustic‘ group


2012-2015 ‚Combo de jazz du Conservatoire de musique de Luxembourg‘, bass guitar 

2013                  Sound Design of an interpretation of the musical ‚Aida‘  with 4 shows at the Conservatory of music, Luxembourg

2014                  Bass guitar in the musical ‚Les Misérables‘ with 4 shows at the Conservatory of music, Luxembourg

2014                  Bass guitar in the musical ‚Simmerfluch‘ with 4 shows at the ‚Grand Theatre de Luxembourg‘ with recording for a CD

2014-2015 Noise Watchers Unlimited, association of artists and researchers of electroacoustic music  and audio installations with a show at the ‚Philharmonie de Luxembourg‘ for the ‚Rainy Days Festival‘. (www.nowa.lu)

2014- CODAXX, DJ formation with multiple shows around Luxembourg


2016- MUDAZE, producer

(www.soundcloud.com/mudaze, www.mudaze.com)

2016- Research project for 3D Sound and binaural audio for Vr at the University

2016-2017 Student Tutor

2017- Campus Collective


-Ableton Live 9     -Pro Tools HD 12     -Sequoia 12     -Reaper6     -Max Msp 7

-PureData (extended)     -Wwise 2016.2.1     -Finale 2014     -Unity 5

-Native Instruments(Reaktor,Traktor2)     -Arduino     -Processing     -Openframeworks



-Luxembourgish     -French     -English    -German     -Italian

Internship experience

2016- 6 weeks at the radio station ‚100komma7‘ in Luxembourg (www.100komma7.lu)

activities : post production, pre production, technical assistance