Content Development

In the elective „Content Development“ we discussed the curation of content and how we can make the product interesting and fitting for the people. Beside the fact that we learned that media has changed a lot the last few years, we were inspired to create a new platform for students of the University of Applied Darmstadt.

Idea behind „Campus Collective“, developed by Philipp Hagmann and me, is to create a platform where young music producers, studying at the University, could present their music. It is quite usual that lots of our talents from our University are hidden and unheard during their studies. We thought that this is very sad and we began to work out our concept.

Our Idea is quite simple. Using SoundCloud as distribution platform, we want to share playlists. They will consist of 10 tracks, where five of them has been produced by fellow students and the other five from local artists. In a cycle of 1-2 playlist per 2 months, we try to cover all the different music tastes.

Now, after three months we can proudly present 3 playlists, lots of new followers and great feedback from our fellow students.

At the moment we do everything to keep the project running until the end of our studies. Hopefully we can pass it on to the younger semesters and keep the SoundCloud growing.

If you want to know more about the project please read the following article published on the mediencampus website:

Die Studenten des Mediencampus jetzt auch auf Soundcloud

And here is one of the playlists “Local’Beats” (Genre: HipHop Beats, Chill)