A greedy and ruthless corporation named ‘Redstock Financial’ needs to be put down. Infiltrate the building and plant the bomb before the police arrives but be careful. There are rumors about a rat among us tonight…

All sounds have been self produced. By recording, resampling and experimenting, Philipp Hagmann and I produced a big range of different sounds. Beside Vocal Recordings in our Radio Studio, we used as Implementing Software Wwise. It was for the first time we used this engine and made it possible to change audio parameters while playing the game. Overall we have been working 4 months on this project. Our weekly meetings and our good relationship to the game developers made the creation of the game to a fantastic experience.

Thanks again to a fantastic and highly dedicated team:

  • Eric Heung                      Vision Keeper, Environment Artist, Game Design
  • Rohan Duong                 Manager, Concept Artist, Writing, Assisting 3D
  • Valentin Klink               Programmer, Game Design
  • Carl Christian Gehl      Lead 3D Artist, Concept Artist
  • Damian Picci                  Sound Design, Music
  • Philipp Hagmann         Sound Design, Music

With its wonderful options, Wwise proved to be very effective. Even if it wasn’t easy to get the software work properly with Pairforce, Mac and Unreal, it was a great choice as it gives the sound engineer much more possibilities. In the end we implemented over 1.300 sounds.

Creating concepts, work structures, work flows and rules, turned out to be the right way to go.  As there will always be complications, you have to trust your team and without organizing every step, this would have not been possible

The gameplay video above is still a provisional version, a final one is under way.

used software

final presentation (in german)

work progress